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Cash Back Credit Card

I want a credit card with some sort of cash back or rewards. I don’t want an annual fee.  I would use it a lot!  I’d probably be putting over $15,000 a year on this new card.  My credit rating is over 700. There are too many cards to pick from, what would you recommend?
- Joe, Andover, MA

In your situation, assuming that you pay your credit card bill off at the end of every month, one of the best is the American Express Blue Cash card.  For the first $0.01-$6,500.00 spent, you will earn 0.5% cash back on everyday purchases and 1% on gas and groceries.  However, for every dollar $6,500.01 and above, a user earns 1.5% on everyday purchases and 5% back on gas and groceries.  A key factor to consider is that unlike many credit cards, Blue Cash does not have an annual cap on the amount a user can receive.  Though I myself have this card, there are plenty of other options out there that you can read about on www.creditcards.com.

Matt / Google+