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401(k) Rollover

I am a 29 year old that recently switched jobs. I was wondering what I should do with my former employer’s 401(k)? Should I roll over into an IRA, and what are the benefits of rolling over?
- William, Pennsylvania

In nearly every circumstance I would recommend rolling over an old 401(k) into an individual retirement account (IRA). The reason being is because you have a lot more control over where you invest your money. Most 401(k)’s limit the number of investment options a plan participant can put their money in. Also, the mutual funds that many 401(k) plans offer are often loaded with high expense ratios and other hidden costs. As an individual investor, you have practically an unlimited amount of options. Unless your former employer’s 401(k) offers you attractive options that are not available to you outside of the plan, I would recommend rolling it over into an IRA at Vanguard (www.vanguard.com) or Fidelity (www.fidelity.com). Vanguard offers low-cost index mutual funds that outperform many of its actively managed peers. Fidelity offers a variety of mutual funds including similar low-cost index fund and it also has a brokerage where an investor can purchase individual stocks. As an added bonus, many mutual fund companies will handle the 401(k) rollover for you at no charge.

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